Book Four

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When Milady arrives on Aramis’ doorstep in the middle of the night and collapses from a head injury, all she can remember for certain is that her nine-year-old daughter is in terrible danger.

But there is far more at stake than a simple kidnapping. The Flemish ambassador is dead, and Milady’s husband Athos now languishes in the Bastille after publicly confessing to the murder. The diplomatic crisis has France poised on the brink of a war it cannot possibly hope to win.

With a purloined brass seal the only clue to the mystery of the ambassador’s death, Milady and Aramis must search high and low for the man behind the web of conspiracy and assassination. From the dark underbelly of France’s child sex trade to the glittering world of the fashionable Parisian salons, danger and intrigue await them at every turn. Can a desperate mother and a musketeer-turned-priest discover the truth in time to avert war, and save their loved ones’ lives?

Visceral and relentless, The Queen’s Musketeers: Book 4 explores one woman’s tireless quest to see her family safe, whatever the cost.

Author’s Note: This book contains graphic sex and violence. It is intended for an adult audience.