Book Three

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After the birth of her son, Queen Anne emerges from hiding to gather support openly. Desperate to keep France’s throne, Isabella of Savoy commits all of her military resources to the battle against her rival.

Meanwhile, d’Artagnan meets and falls in love with a young widow, Constance Bonacieux. He and Constance must overcome the pain of their difficult pasts, while also joining Milady and Porthos in a dangerous spy mission to determine the true allegiance of Cardinal Richelieu, one of Isabella’s closest advisors. When push comes to shove in the battle for political supremacy, which side will the Cardinal support?

A sweeping tale of romance, intrigue, and revolution, The Queen’s Musketeers: Book 3 captures the fear of loss and the exhilaration of victory, all from a very personal point of view.

Author’s note: This book contains graphic depictions of sex and violence, and includes descriptions of self-injury with religious connotations. It is intended for an adult readership.